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NAME: Megan
AGE: 23
CONTACT: [profile] squishyfeet

NAME: Dave Strider
CANON: Homestuck
AGE: 16
CANON POINT: A6I5: How do we solve a problem like Terezi? In which Karkat tries to solicit advice from Dave and regrets it.

Dave Strider is a cool guy. A damn cool guy. The coolest guy that you ever did see. Or at least, that is what he would dearly like everyone to believe. However, it's much easier to keep up a chill facade over text than it ever will be when faced with genuine human interaction. As far as online personas go, Dave has a good deal of his friends believing he is the iceberg that sunk the titanic. He manages to keep a level head through the most complex of situations through his ability to undersell everything. Trolls? No big. World changing game? Lost the discs. Compared to his friends, he's far more capable when it comes to handling his sylladex and facing most enemies.His knowledge of the game and the smaller components of it is seemingly more vast than his friends. Though reluctant about it at times, it makes him a valuable member of the team when they can convince him to work with them and offer assistance. He has, after all, been trained for such things since the dawn of time. Or at least, after Bro found him as a baby. He has a number of interests that all seem to point out what a huge hipster he is. He enjoys photography and bands nobody has ever heard of. He collects preserved dead things because why the hell not? He runs numerous blogs and a webcomic, not doubt to fuel his immense desire for irony. His most notable hobby is his ability to spin out sick jams and rhymes with his gear. His mixes are actually quite good. His raps leave much to be desired.

Like most well rounded characters, Dave is very much flawed. It's clear he puts some amount of effort into his reactions and keeps himself guarded, which in itself contradicts the chill, cool sort of vibe he wants to give. He seems to strive for perfection, even in his imperfect creations such as his hideous excuse for art. The perfection he seeks is the irony in the situation. He seeks moments and he does things with the intention of finding and pointing out the irony in them. This goes for his facade as well. He will keep a calm demeanor until he reaches his absolute breaking point, then he will proceed to flip out. This reaction is generally brought out by Bro's puppets, which seem to trigger the most dramatic side of him. He is also incredibly forgetful. So much so that he forgets his timetables and completely forgets that he can travel through time. He forgets enough to contradict even himself at times and seems to lose track or space out and neglect little details. Dave also seems to struggle with his feelings toward death. He tries to pretend as if he's both cool with it and casual about it, brushing off his Bro's death and the corpse of an alternate version of him as if it's nothing. Yet, he contradicts himself with his actions. He stares for a long time as his dead self before moving on and refuses to pull the sword out of Bro's chest because he doesn't want to spill more blood.

Dave strives for perfection through imperfect. He wants to be cool, but in an ironic way. He wants to set trends and stand out while also downplaying so many aspects of himself and feelings. His relationships are the biggest factor in his motivations. From the very stat he's emulated his older brother and its influenced his life and choices from there on. He can be a selfish seeming whiner, but he won't hesitate to put others before himself.

His relationship with his Bro is unconventional at best. He harbors a great deal of respect for his Bro, perhaps it's Hero worship on some level. His Bro seems to be the epitome of everything he aspires to be. He achieves a level of irony Dave can only dream of and is so incredibly badass that Dave's own skills tend to pale in comparison. Or at least, he thinks he does. He mimics his Bro by continuing to wear the same shades as him and seems to pick up similar hobbies, imitation is of course the highest form of flattery. As stated above, the only interest he can't seem to share is Bro's questionable passion for puppets. He admires it on some level, but can't seem to stand the puppets themselves. Lil Cal in particular seems to be an easy way to rustle Dave's jimmies, but honestly, who wouldn't be creeped out by some long limbed ghost puppet that follows you everywhere. (Even your dreams). Delving further into the unconventional nature of this relationship, the Strider brothers often participate in none too subtle mind games (or at least Bro does) and dramatic rooftop battles. Bro is naturally far more skilled than Dave, but his training paid off in the long run for Dave. A game like Sburb is a lot easier when you know how to wield a sword and dodge previously mentioned flying puppets. It's Bro's influence that has made Dave the independent, socially awkward man child that he is today.

On the topic of important influences, it's important to note the differences in the way Dave interacts with his close friends. Jade, John and Rose are vastly different and so are their relationships with Dave. Though they are all arguably as close to him, he considers John to be his best friend. John seems to be second to Bro as far as influencing Dave goes. Despite the fact that Dave relentlessly taunts his buck toothed buddy, it seems as if his opinion is of great value to him. He's worn the shades John bought him since they arrived and ditched signature Bro shades in favour of them. With John, Dave seems to grow more as his own person and not as a reflection of his older brother. He also gets along swimmingly with Jade, who is almost his exact opposite in many ways. You'd think Dave would be inclined to tease or mock her for her interests, but he seems to pander to them for her sake. He even drew her furry art, though who is to say he didn't do that for the irony? Jade seems to believe he's as cool as he acts and the two both respect and care for each other as any friends would. Rose, however, is a different kettle of fish. She is technically his sister, making her closer by default. He mocks her as he does with any of his friends, but her jabs back at him are far more insightful than those of his other friends. It is perhaps this that makes him more wary of her than he is of others, because it truly seems as if she sees through the facade he likes to put up. In spite of this, he seems to both fuss over her and care deeply for her. He has intervened in situations in an attempt to clumsily watch her ass and isn't all that subtle about having her best interests in mind.He goes to surprising lengths to assist his friends. When Terezi literally trolled John to death, Dave was willing to go back in time for the sake of saving his ass. He teases and mocks them constantly but there is no way he'd allow them to be compromised by anyone but him. Without his friends, Dave would be a lot less assured in his cool act and a hell of a lot more lonely.

Friendships such as the ones he shares with John, Rose and Jade seem difficult for him to forge with others, trolls in particular. At first, he thinks trolls are ridiculous and counters most of their attempts to taunt them by turning their taunts back on themselves. Of all the trolls he is closest to Terezi, which took him quite some time. He was wary of befriending her at first, but a thumbs up from his future self was enough to know he could trust her. The two bonded over crappy art and Terezi guided him through his session, pushing him to face his fears in regards to death. It is now hinted they may be in some form of relationship. This only serves to fuel the little hate fire between himself and Karkat, who is jealous of Dave. The two antagonise each other every chance they get, but have slowly begun to move past childish rivalries and understand each other better as friends. They can understand each other's feelings and though Dave is reluctant, he is able to talk sense into Karkat and encourage and gossip with him like a good friend would. When he and Terezi seem to go separate ways, he still thinks incredibly highly of her and praises her in a manner that one may not expect of Dave. He puts a lot of faith in her ability to pull through tough situations and admires what she's been through. He conveys these feelings to Karkat when it seems like his troll-buddy is losing faith in her.

Dave's most prominent ability is Time Travel, though how it works in canon is kind of hazy. He can skip through time and create alternate timelines (which he's reluctant to do anyway, so he likely won't do it in game). He's also able to limit his travelling to small bursts or long leaps forward, he brings himself and his friends a few thousand years into the future when they're creating a new universe so they can skip the boring stuff.

He has achieved the level of God-Tier in game, which means he's about as high ranked as you can get. This gives him the power of flight and near immortality. The only way he can die is if his death is Just (AKA he's rampaging like Godzilla and got taken down) or Heroic (he died saving Godzilla's baby). He can't die by starvation, dehydration or in a way that doesn't fall under those two terms.

He also has heightened speed and agility, but he's also kind of a klutz.

Any of these things can be altered or nerfed for the game if need be.

The clothing on his back (cape included), aviator shades, a butt-shaped wrist communicator that probably doesn't work and a shitty katana sword.

log post from another game
Network post from another game

[It's not long after arriving, awakening and adapting to the Eluvio that Dave starts to wander around more and more. Initially, he didn't really leave his room unless prompted. It's a big, intimidating place filled with a bunch of cool, rugged space rebels like you see in the movie. Everyone has more grit than a severely neglected grill at some old diner. Apparently, despite all the shit he's seen, Dave hasn't really earned the greasy film of a truly hardened adventurer.

Yet, today of all days, he's become the most audacious of travelers. Not only has he left his room, he's left his room with purpose. He's going to check out the shopping center he's heard so much about, see what kind of space goods he can buy with his hard earned space dollars.

Really, he has his heart set on one particular thing, and he's trying to tell himself they won't have this particular thing. There are no space apples, thus, no space apple juice. If anybody knows that, it's him.

Imagine his surprise when he finds it after looking in no less than five stores. Of course, if he hadn't wasted time looking in a shoe store for it, he probably would have found it sooner.

Now, he isn't about to overreact here. Maybe it doesn't taste the same. It's been years since he tasted it. That sweet fake apple taste, that corn syrup, that added sugar. Just the thought delicious syntheticness of it all is enough to make him contemplate drooling. So he does what any normal person would do and buys 5 bottles. Big bottles. He doesn't even take the bag, he's taking an armful and leaving the store, looking like a spectacle with an arm full of liquid sunshine.]

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It's a good few months into the 'Dave doesn't swim' factor of Feferi and Dave's weird rivalry and Dave is pretty sure Feferi has tried to pull every card she has in an attempt to have him fully submerged. It doesn't work, of course. Dave is as protective of his swimming virginity as a nun is with. Well. Her regular virginity? Whatever. Point is he isn't going for it. In fact, as a form of revenge for her relentless bothering, she may just have found him snacking on her goldfish crackers like what up girl I'm eating your snacks. Needless to say, that didn't go down so well.

But it's whatever, right? It's in the past. Though Dave suspects it may not be over yet when he gets a text from Feferi asking him to bring her a towel at an absurd hour of the morning. He had promised he'd make it up to her for the crackers, so he begrudingly heads out to the pool with her stupid fluffy towel. Fuck nocturnal trolls and fuck stupidly pretty troll royalty who trick you into cutting them the sweet end of the deal. At the very least, he gets to see her in her swimsuit, right? Always a boner.


He thought bonus.

The mental goings on of a teenage boy aside, he's made his way to the pool in reasonable time with the towel over his shoulder and he's going to cup his hand over his mouth so he can loudly announce his entrance. Not that anyone but Feferi is around, given that it's 4am but that's beside the point.

"Yo, princess. There's like a million signs telling you not to forget a towel, could you have picked a lamer way to fuck with me?"


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